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PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 9:36 pm
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From this article:

By using lower boost pressures you will get higher torque, which means quicker acceleration and better fuel economy.

How easy is this ? what sort of MPG increase would I see? Would running a lower pressure 'break' the engine vastly quicker?, would there be problems ?

I only ask as obviously cars leave the design board setup and specced for a certain way, and peoguet know alot more about cars than mwah :mrgreen: so would me fucking with it not really help things?

Logically I cant see how it would do anything 'wrong' as its running a lower pressure, thus less strain on the engine, thus in theory it should be fine and infact last the apparent increase in torque on the gear box (how does that work if its getting less air-->fuel ?), which wouldnt be ideal, but I wouldnt accelerate like a nutter, I drive like a 'jimy' nowadays (grandad style) As said I only have basic ideas of engines........ anything you car genious's could answer would be fantastic :)

Car is S reg 1.9TD 306

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